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About US

On a regional level, SESIFM’s which has evolved over the decades of experience to become Bangalore’s biggest name in the civil engineering and building construction industry renowned for its level of experience and professionalism in handling distinctly reputable and iconic projects. SESIFM’s  a prestigious company renowed for its luxury, attention to details and elegance. It has more than 15 years of experience in strong, customer-focused approach and continuously aiming for world-class quality.

Facilities Management Overview

The core business of SESIFM is the management and delivery of integrated facilities management services. For each contract we aim to manage and deliver our contracted services by the direct employment of all operational, management and support staff. However, we recognise the need for specialist inputs in specific areas and the fact that in some cases it is more economic to employ specialist subcontractors for certain operations. Subsequently, we would expect to retain full management while attaining to deliver a satisfactory level for any subcontracted services.  

With our principal policy of directly employing staff wherever possible, we maintain excellent flexibility to deploy and re-deploy staff as necessary between sites to supplement the permanent site contingents.

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